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Name   HOP
Subject   Jessie's Thanks Speech (05/11/08)
     Praise the Lord in Most High.

     I am amazed on what God has done in my life.  The great blessings that came unexpected and the genuine warm welcome of brothers and sisters in Christ that tones my whole being to be what I am now.  My spiritual life has grown much better than before.  I thank you for the good works that have been done upon these people of God who are the instruments in making my life as a meaningful creature in this world.  My sincere thanks to these people cannot be expressed in words, but instead can be felt unceasingly and can be treasured to the rest in my life.

     My deepest gratitude to the spiritual leaders, Prof. Alex Thevaranjan and Pastor Jee, who shared incredible God's words for encouragement when I felt I was nobody and at the times when I do not know what I am doing.  They are great spiritual warriors and friends who really die hard in caring people who need to open their heart to know who is God.

     I thank you to Han, as a friend and as a father in the house from whom I learned many great things.  I won't forget you.   You are part in the great commission in molding disciples.  I pray you will continue to do what is the best for the HOP.  I understand you have been in hardship with us.  I thank you that you are still there standing firm and ready to serve us.  I thank you that you have been working hard to perfectly prepare Wednesday dinner with a delicious and appetizing Kimchi tuna soup…

   I thank you to Mijung who shared her motherly advises, which I treasured it as a great gift of learning.  I learned how you encouraged us and directed us to what the scripture says.  I have been overwhelmed with your prayer during the morning devotion, which in turn opened my heart and kept myself going and going because I felt that God is always with you as long as you open the door for Him to come in.

     I thank you to Yi Cao who I had so much fun and who always gave free ride wherever I went especially when I needed haircut.

     I thank you to the whole congregation who supported HOP for everything.  Your love in us really comes from God.  No word I can equate these marvelous and warm accommodations that you have given to the HOP family.

     I thank you to those in one another who shared their memories in HOP that changed us and gave us encouragement to serve the Lord better.

     With all these great things I enjoyed and learned, I will treasure this and use this for my future commission to lead and expand His kingdom.

     Thank you.

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