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Name   HOP
Subject   Vision Trip (10/15-16/09)
God granted us the grace to visit important spiritual places where the dream of our Lord dwells and is still alive, Northfield (the birthplace of D.L. Moody and also the birthplace of SVM) and Williams College (the birthplace of foreign missions) during the period of October 15 (Thr) ~ 16 (Fri), 2009.

Eunah, Vanessa and Han joined the trip group of the church.

During the half of the first day, lots of confusion and distortion mood pressurized us especially in spirit, so it was hard for us to pray with the connection of the Spirit.
However, the Spirit of the Lord finally broke the cover of the bondage at the end of the day.  We learned the power of prayer His sons and daughters have in Christ.
Our Lord never lost the batter against the darkness even once in the history.

When we came back to our mother church, the trip group was like the army of the Roman Empire boldly marching together after getting a great victory.

There was an elder group waiting for and greeting us to provide the precious dinner at the church.  The team work for Jesus is one of the beautiful things in the Lord.  

How precious the church is we have right now in Jesus Christ!!!

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