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Name   홍준호
Subject   Boaz Project Summer 2009 - 학생들의 자기소개 Parsu Dhimal
My  name is Parsu Dhimal. I’m 32 years old. Born in Bhutan  and spend my early life in the land . I studied up to primary level there . The political turmoil so spoiled the relationship betweeen the people and the autocratic regime  that we were force to leave the country. I lived in Nepal  as refugee for 17 years where I completed my university degree in “Literature in  English”. I never  had a time to opt for any hobby . Any thing I gained is at the sacrifices of interest . I used  computer just to write mail to correspond to  friends not to qualify me for a job .I’m here to learn computer so that I make ample use to find jobs, get college informations , or use this skill to work with. This class not only provedes computer knowledge but to know people which greatly assist in climbing up  the pedestal and making life meaning ful.

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